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Okay, I've been slacking in the blogging department, BUT these two are worth the wait. 

When Amanda first emailed me with her strong vision of what she wanted her dream elopement to look like, I was hooked. I knew she was something special & I knew we'd make a perfect fit. 

Her dreamer personality combined with mine + a little of "getter done" attitude & we'd make magic together. & we did. Eventually :) 

She emailed me in August wanting the elopement to happen just a week or two later when there was going to be a meteor shower. She wanted the elopement to happen in the heart of the meteor shower; so, at like, 3am. Matt & I were SO DOWN with this idea. 

Needless to say, after a few more emails back & forth it didn't happen. Too last minute & not enough planning. She still wanted something beautiful & intimate + we were determined to make that happen.

She emailed with a few possible dates, & I was only open one Saturday in October. She emailed again saying she wasn't sure they could do that date. Queue all the nerves. She emailed again with a break up letter. 

Heartbroken, I went to sleep, as one usually does when they are devastatingly sad. (Or am I the only one..?) 

I woke up, went on with my day, all the while trying to find the words to email her back. 

I got an alert on my phone & I looked to find it was an email from Amanda with the subject line "I can't breakup with you". 

I opened the email up to a sort of "client love letter". She said couldn't stop thinking about how we were "the perfect fit" & how if I wasn't her photographer she just wouldn't be happy with anyone else. 


They decided to elope on the one day I was free & that was that. I was honored & humbled & so thankful I get to photograph the nicest people in the world who are willing to arrange their schedule to work with mine. 



Their tiny wedding in the middle of nowhere West Virginia & it was casual, laid back & completely all about them. It was exactly what they wanted. Full of personal details- from photos of their family members, to items of their loved ones in a special box, to their two adorable girls in a locket on her homemade bouquet. They left nothing & no one out of their intimate wedding & it was flawless. 

Thanks for choosing us to take your photos, Amanda & Kyle. Your souls are magic. 

All the love, 

Melanie & Matt

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