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The little in-between moments? Those are the ones worth remembering. We don't want you to forget those because they're vital for living. The look you give your husband or wife as you walk back up the aisle right after you both said "I do", or maybe its simply sharing your love for pizza as you sit across each-other at that favorite local spot you go to too often (or not nearly enough)- those magically ordinary things are what make life extraordinary & you deserve to have them to share with each-other & with future generations. Always.

We get that spilled coffee is NOT A JOKE, but that sometimes you can't take yourself too seriously. We're up for adventuring with you & telling your story because we realize the value & importance that your story matters. We love double dating & drinking coffee, or grabbing wine & a bite to eat with you (or all of the above). We get to know you before we have you get in front of the camera. Having that connection is so important when being able to tell your story through photographs. 




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