Hi Friends



FIRST OF ALL, it literally means SO much that you’re on this website & considering us for your photography. That first step is HUGE & we know all about how overwhelming the planning process can be. So, welcome! You’re making moves & we’re honored to play even the smallest part in it!

We’re Matt & Melanie-HEY! Living in our first house in Queenstown, MD (the cuuutest tiny town that looks straight out of a story book!), we spend our days working & our nights obsessing over our little dachshund pup, Olive.

We fell in love at the young age of 18 & have been spending 24/7 together since. Our favorite days are when we can adventure to a new city or road-trip to a different state. We like to wander & try new coffee shops & cool restaurants. We like cuddling & watching tv.

We love drinking wine, beer, or mixing up a fun cocktail & playing games with our friends. We laugh a lot & tell corny jokes. Our style is definitely retro with lots of cozy & casual & little minimal. We listen to folk & indie music constantly whether we’re on the road or in our house, Spotify is always on.

>> IF YOU'RE SOMEONE WHO is engaged & feels like they could jive with us (we promise we’re super easy to get along with!), come hang with us! Our favorite weddings are the ones that are a little laid back & intimate with sentimental moments. We love all things boho-vintage-unique & want your wedding to completely & totally you. We think being a little out of this world & different is the best, & we like it when things aren’t always traditional. We’re all about playing by the rules of your own game & not following the rules of the standard wedding industry. If eloping in a Vegas hotel & then taking portraits in the desert is your thing, we’re totally down. If you want a wedding in the woods & want to take your shoes off, we’re there. Whatever your style may-be, we’re open to it. You in?

We’re all about playing by the rules of your own game & not following the rules of the standard wedding industry

The little in-between moments? Those are the ones worth remembering. We don't want you to forget those because they're vital for living. The look you give your husband or wife as you walk back up the aisle right after you both said "I do", or maybe its simply sharing your love for pizza as you sit across each-other at that favorite local spot you go to too often (or not nearly enough)- those magically ordinary things are what make life extraordinary & you deserve to have them to share with each-other & with future generations. Always.