Q: Do you travel?

A: YES! We love traveling! Whether you're on the other side of the world or just a state over, we would LOVE to work something out! Reach out to us & let us know where you're from or where you're having your wedding! 

Q: How many hours do I need?     

A: From getting ready shots to your exit shots, 8 hours is usually perfect! Although every wedding is different, some wedding timelines can be done in a 6 hour margin & some need 12 hours! 

Q: Can I add on more hours to my collection? 

A: Absolutely! I charge $400 per hour you add on. 

Q: Can we get the RAW images? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not give out any RAW material. We want all the work we hand you to represent our best work that's cohesive to our brand & business. 

Q: Do we have printing rights? 

A: YES! You're more than welcome to print any and all images I send your way! 

Q: How do you deliver the images after you've edited them? 

A: I'll send you a link to an online gallery where you can view, share, & download all the images. The gallery will come with a download pin. You can even have them printed through the gallery if you want! 

Q: When will I get my gallery? 

You'll get your gallery usually between 4 & 6 weeks! 

Q: You used to offer video in one of your collections, do you still offer that? 

We no longer offer video! As much as we loved it, we decided we didn't love it as much as taking photos. We want to focus on what we love & provide the best outcome for our clients. With as busy as we are, we knew we couldn't handle too much. It's all about the client experience & we knew video was adding too much to our plate. Do one thing great rather than multiple things mediocre, right?