Q: Do you travel?

A: YES! We love traveling! Whether you're on the other side of the world or just a state over, we would LOVE to work something out! Reach out to us & let us know where you're from or where you're having your wedding! 

Q: How many hours do I need?     

A: From getting ready shots to your exit shots, 8 hours is usually perfect! Although every wedding is different, some wedding timelines can be done in a 6 hour margin & some need 12 hours! 

Q: Can I add on more hours to my collection? 

A: Absolutely! I charge $350 per hour you add on. 

Q: Can we get the RAW images? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not give out any RAW material. We want all the work we hand you to represent our best work that's cohesive to our brand & business. 

Q: Do we have printing rights? 

A: YES! You're more than welcome to print any and all images I send your way! 

Q: How do you deliver the images after you've edited them? 

A: I'll send you a link to an online gallery where you can view, share, & download all the images. The gallery will come with a download pin. You can even have them printed through the gallery if you want! 

Q: When will I get my gallery? 

You'll get your gallery usually between 4 & 6 weeks! 

Q: Collection One has three people listed that we're hiring. How does that work if you're just a husband & wife team? 

A: Great question! Matt is actually a videographer in addition to being a photographer so he will do the video for your wedding. I (Melanie) will be the lead photographer, & then we'll hire a seasoned wedding photographer to be our second shooter. The second shooter will shoot the guys getting ready, I'll shoot the girls, & Matt will either float between the two or stay with the girls, depending on the timeline.