Boho Nation | Bohemian Boutique | MD Photography

4 years ago I was working in a corporate children's store at the Annapolis Mall. I was earning minimum wage as any freshman in college does.  Despising every customer that came in, drooling over all the cute babies, rolling my eyes over the whiny toddlers, annoyed at every screamy kid who tore every perfectly folded sweater off the shelf that I had literally just put there.

One particularly memorable day, I was taking my 30-minute break, walking down the mall hallways, drinking my Starbucks drink that Matt had made me (FUN FACT: Not how we met, but we did start dating because worked next to each other)(ANOTHER FUN FACT: Yes, It was because of coffee that I started dating him-is it that obvious??). I saw a cute bohemian clothing store in a not crowded part of the mall & it looked so dang appealing.

Matt encouraged me (as he does ahem, look here) to go inside & ask if they're hiring. I nervously walked into Boho Nation & asked the sweet manager who told me they were & to come back in a little while for an interview. Surprised, I came back out & told Matt I already had an interview! 

Fast forward, I became a Boho Babe, ran their social media for a time, got promoted to Assistant Manager, then to Store Manager. I did all of this while in school, & pursuing my photography career. I worked there for about 2 1/2 years. 

I finished my semester, I stopped working at Boho Nation, & my photography got really busy. I decided I had way more time to learn about entrepreneurial things & I could put most of my focus on that rather than diving my time on something I was only semi interested in. 

In the fall, I got a call from the one & only Boho Nation & they wanted me to shoot for them for some advertisements & for their future website. 

Now I've done my second shoot with them & it's just as dreamy. The girls who work there are such a joy & are so much fun to work with, & literally so freaking beautiful. It's weird how things work. College freshman working as a sales associate turns into being hired to take photos for a small business. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT? 

Life is WEIRD & I'll never stop saying that. 

I also didn't think this was going to be a personal post, but it did. WEIRD YET AGAIN. 


Their website is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can check out their Instagram & Facebook for updates! Don't forget to visit their stores in Severna Park, Towson, Tysons Corner & Puerto Rico! 

All the love, 

Melanie ( & Matt )