Sadie & Paul | Intimate Backyard Wedding | Bowie MD | Wedding Photography


WOW. okay. Sadie & Paul- so genuine, kind, caring. I mean, they got married in the backyard of his CHILDHOOD HOME. How special is that? 

I am so honored they asked us to photograph their wedding, & I am so honored we met them

The details, oh the details. All DIY, first of all. Very vintage, very adorable. I think everyone in Sadie's family attributed, in some way, to her day. Her sister in law did the cake, her mother in law did the flowers, a friend DJ'd. The only "outsiders" were Matt & I (we didn't feel like it), & Mission BBQ (which tasted soooo goood). 

ANYWAY- let's get to the good part. I almost always cry during the ceremonies at weddings & during the speeches, I just can't help it. They're so in love & everyone loves them so much. When Sadie's father got up & started talking about how proud he was that Sadie chose PAUL & how he wouldn't have it any other way, my vision was getting real blurry. Their first dance was one of the most magical I'd seen, I think EVER (& my mom's a ballroom dance teacher so that's saying a lot). 

They ended the night with freaking FIREWORKS that had me weak in the knees from the amount of magic. The sparkler exit was the perfect pixie dust to the fairy tale ending of a day. 

Sadie & Paul, you both are just so nice & I'm thankful to have met you! 

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All the love, 

Matt & Melanie